Yvonne Roussey
Yvonne Roussey
Yvonne Roussey in October 2020, aged 107.
Birth: 1 May 1913
Ban-de-Sapt, Vosges, Grand Est, France
Death: 23 December 2020
Saint-Die-des-Vosges, Vosges, Grand Est, France
Age: 107 years, 236 days
Country: FranceFRA

Yvonne Roussey (1 May 1913 – 23 December 2020) was a French centenarian who is one of the oldest known survivors of COVID-19, having recovered from the disease at the age of 106 or 107.


Yvonne Roussey was born on 1 May 1913 in Ban-de-Sapt, Vosges, Grand Est, France. She began to work at the age of 12. She never married or had children.

Roussey kept on working all her life, in a grocery: she did cleaning, took care of the garden, managed the restaurant and the bar, do the shopping, did tedding and other tasks: in short, she worked hard.

At some point of her life, Roussey moved in a nursing home in Foucharupt, Saint-Die-des-Vosges. She was the doyenne of the nursing home since at least November 2016. The activity leader of the nursing home said: "She said she's spoilt, but she had a hard life."

In May 2020, Roussey celebrated her 107th birthday. At an undetermined date during the coronavirus pandemic, Roussey had fever and contracted COVID-19. According to her doctor, she didn't need oxygen and was closely watched by the staff of the nursing home. As of October 2020, she has succesfully recovored, but was more tired and hard of hearing than before.

Roussey died on 23 December 2020 in Saint-Die-des-Vosges, Vosges, Grand Est, France, at the age of 107 years, 236 days. She was the third-oldest known living person in Vosges department, after 109-year-old Madeleine Bareis (1911–2021) of Saint-Die-des-Vosges and 107-year-old Michel Viriot (1913–2021) of Epinal.



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