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Wook Kundor
Wook Kundor
Birth: 1 January/2 May 1902?
Terengganu, Malaysia
Death: 7 June 2016?
Bukit Tok Bat Village, Kuala Berang, Terengganu, Malaysia
Age: 114 years, 36-158 days?
Country: MalaysiaMYS

Wook Kundor (1902? - 7 June 2016?) was an alleged Malaysian supercentenarian.


Wook Kundor claimed to be born in Terengganu, Malaysia in 1902 (between 1 January and 2 May). She has been married 22 times.

In 2004, Kundor's current marriage was Muhammad Musa, who is 70 years her junior. Muhammad Musa said that, initially, he felt sympathy for his bride Wook Kundor because she was old and alone. But, over time, respect and friendship turned to love. Kundor's only asset is her deep religious knowledge, says Mr. Musa. It's his first marriage and her twenty-first. However, Musa was in drug rehabilitation in Kuala Lumpur, and Kundor sought a new marriage, as she feared he may run off with someone younger, and that she needs someone to keep her company, saying "I realise that I am an aged woman. I don't have the body, nor am I a young woman who can attract anyone. I'm not searching for a man as handsome as our Prime Minister, but someone to accompany in my twilight years."

In February 2016, 113-year-old Kundor spoke to the press speaking of her desire to see her husband come home after he was sent to prison.

Wook Kundor passed away 7 June 2016 in Bukit Tok Bat Village, Kuala Berang, Terengganu, Malaysia, at the claimed age of 114 years.