Winnifred Childs
Winnifred Childs
Winnifred Childs on her 106th birthday.
Birth: 10 August 1913
Devonshire Parish, Bermuda
Age: 107 years, 165 days
Country: BermudaBER

Winnifred "Winnie" Childs (née Greenslade; born 10 August 1913) is a Bermudian centenarian who is currently the oldest known living person in Bermuda.


Winnifred Childs was born in Devonshire Parish, Bermuda on 10 August 1913. Her parents were John Thomas Greenslade and Harriet Maug. She had eight siblings. One of her grandfathers moved from England to work in the Dockyard.

She attended Whitney Institute and worked at TJ Wadson’s, a bicycle repair shop, and then did book keeping at Bermuda Fire and Marine. She married Arthur Childs who moved from England to Bermuda as a policeman. He later opened his own locksmith and lawn mower repair shop on Serpentine Road. The couple had one daughter Patricia Leyburn. She got widowed in 1969.

Winnifred Childs currently lives at Westmeath Residential and Nursing Care Home in Mount Pleasant, Paget Parish, Bermuda, at the age of 107 years, 165 days. She is currently oldest woman ever from Bermuda.


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