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Willemina Everdina Hol
Willemina Hol
Wilhelmina Hol (right) with mayor Tammes from her hometown in 2007.
Birth: 3 February 1898
Ingen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Death: 5 June 2008
Ingen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Age: 110 years, 123 days
Country: NetherlandsNED

Wilhelmina 'Mies' Everdina Hol (3 February 1898 - 5 June 2008) was a validated Dutch supercentenarian. At the time of her death, she was the second-oldest living person in The Netherlands, behind only Grietje Jansen-Anker.


Wilhelmina Hol was born in the village of Ingen in the province of Gelderland, Netherlands, on 3 February 1898. In later life, she never married and she never left her parents' home. Though she never had any children, she had a lot of cousins, whom one of them took care for Ms. Hol daily, which meant that Ms. Hol was able to live on her own until advanced age. At age 95, Wilhelmina went to a hospital for a surgery on her eye, which was the first and only time she went to a hospital. She also was (almost) never ill. During the last ten years of her life, she annually reached the newspapers due to her longevity. Most of the time, she celebrated her birthdays with only her family. At the age of 105, though she refused to give permission to put a picture of her on the newspaper, she did gave an interview with a reporter, in which she said:

Am I proud? No, but at least I'm thankful. I've had very few diseases, only a eye surgery, but I still can see good. I follow everything on television.

Wilhelmina Hol passed away on 5 June 2008 at the age of 110 years, 123 days. Following her death, Catharina Peters-Keultjes became the oldest living person in the province of Gelderland, while Grietje Jansen-Anker still was the oldest living person in The Netherlands.