Vicenta Prieto Santos
Vicenta Prieto Santos
Vicenta Prieto Santos on her 110th birthday
Birth: 22 January 1909
Santa Croya, Zamora, Castile & Leon, Spain
Death: 2 December 2020
Santibanez de Tera, Zamora, Castile & Leon, Spain
Age: 111 years, 315 days
Country: SpainESP

Vicenta Prieto Santos (22 January 1909 – 2 December 2020) was a Spanish supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). At time of her death, she was the second-oldest living person in Spain behind Maria Branyas Morera and oldest known living person born in Spain.


Vicenta Prieto Santos was born in Santa Croya in the autonomous region of Castile & Leon, Spain, on 22 January 1909. Her parents’ names were Agustin and Petra, and she had seven siblings (five brothers, two sisters). Her parents ran a bakery. Many members of her family suffered in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, but all of them survived. She enjoyed dancing in her adult life. She never married nor had children, preferring to stay single.

Prieto Santos moved into a nursing home at the age of 104 after fracturing her hip. By this time, all of her siblings were deceased. On her 105th birthday, she was congratulated by the local priest, just one of the dozens of tributes she has received on every birthday since her 100th. For her 106th birthday, a mural was installed in her honour. Throughout her life, she was religious, and as a centenarian, she never missed attending mass. She took a trip with her nephews to Galicia to see the sea aged 106, which she was reported to have enjoyed very much.

On her 109th birthday, her sister-in-law Enedina was still alive aged 93. It was reported that she still liked to tell stories of her childhood at the age of 110.

Vicenta Prieto Santos died in Santibanez de Tera, Zamora, Spain, at the age of 111 years, 315 days.


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