Veronika Zsilinszki
Veronika Zsilinszki
Veronika Zsilinszki at the age of 110.
Birth: 4 February 1908
Kevevara, Austria-Hungary (present-day Serbia)
Age: 112 years, 349 days
Country: SerbiaSRBHungaryHUN

Veronika Zsilinszki (born 4 February 1908) is a Serbian-Hungarian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She has been the oldest living person in Hungary since the death of Janosne Belik, on 3 November 2018. She is the oldest known Serbian-born person ever, and the oldest known person ever to live in present-day Hungary.


Veronika Zsilinszki was born into an ethnic Hungarian family in Kevevára, Austria-Hungary (present-day Kovin, Serbia), on 4 February 1908. As a child, she moved to Baja, Bács-Kiskun County with her parents and two siblings, as her father got a job there.

As an adult, Zsilinszki worked as a maid. She suffered some serious accidents during her lifetime. She had one son, but was never married. She has one granddaughter and two great-grandchildren.

Zsilinszki still did gardening work even as a centenarian. At age 110, she was living with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. At that time, she was still interested in the news and read newspaper without glasses. She said the secret of long life is that "you are not idle and always work". She also advised to drink herbal tea instead of water. She celebrated her 112th birthday in February 2020, although she was not visited because of her worsening health.

Veronika Zsilinszki currently lives in Baja, Bács-Kiskun County, Hungary, at the age of 112 years, 349 days.



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