Varvara Semennikova
Varvara Semennikova
Birth: 10 May 1890?
Zhigansk, Zhigansky District, Sakha Republic, Russia
Death: 9 March 2008
Age: 117 years, 304 days?
Country: RussiaRUS
Longevity claimant

Varvara Semennikova (née Dyakonova; 10 May 1890? - 9 March 2008) was a Russian supercentenarian claimant who allegedly lived to the age of 117 years, 304 days.


Semennikova claimed to have been born on 10 May 1890 in the village of Zhigansk; she was daughter of Tungusic nomads; she married twice but lost one of her two children when they were young. She married Alexei Semennikov, 27 years her junior, in 1944. She was the children of herders, and at the age of 58, she adopted an 8-month-old girl. The girl went on to have children of her own. She smoked until she was 100, and received numerous awards, including a necklace of diamonds, once she became a celebrity of sorts. She was verified as having been born in 1890 based on archived church records, but these have not been released to the GRG. In October 2007, it was reported that she was living with her 59-year-old adopted daughter Elena and 17-year-old grandson and it was also reported she had four children and 10 grandchildren.

Wikipedia article up for deletion Nov 23 2016:

Varvara Konstantinovna Semennikova (née Dyakonova) (May 10, 1890? – March 9, 2008) was a Russian Evenk woman who claimed to be the world's oldest person since August 2007. However, her age has not been authenticated internationally by any source including Guinness World Records or the Gerontology Research Group.

If this claim were verified, she would have been the oldest living person, as well as the fourth-oldest person in history. The only agency that has agreed with her age is the National Archive of Yakutia.[1]

She married Alexei Semennikov, a hunter 27 years her junior,[2] in the mid-to-late 1940s. It was one of two of her marriages from which she had two children who died in their youth. At the age of 58, she adopted an eight-month-old girl, from which she had several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.[3]

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