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Valente Lopez Marcos
Valente Lopez Marcos
Valente Lopez Marcos with his granddaughter Rocio Lopez on his claimed 117th birthday.
Birth: 12 May 1903?
State of Hidalgo, Mexico
Death: 27 July 2020
Tejupilco, Mexico
Age: 117 years, 75 days?
Country: MexicoMEX
Longevity claimant

Valente Lopez Marcos (12 May 1903? – 27 July 2020) was a Mexican longevity claimant whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Valente Lopez Marcos claimed to have been born in State of Hidalgo, Mexico on 12 May 1903. In previous years he claimed to be born on 12 May 1906 or 1907.

He had 6 children (including Marcelina). In May 2020, he celebrated his claimed 117th birthday.

Valente Lopez Marcos died in Tejupilco, Mexico on 27 July 2020, at the claimed age of 117 years, 75 days.