When I was asked to return to the Gerontology Wiki on August 15, 2015, it had become a place where troll-lords ruled. Extremely vulgar language was everywhere, and the material that was here wasn't reliable, as everyone carved out their own little "walled garden" and ran things on their section of the Wiki their way.

Things have changed since then.

First, I did recognize those strong, positive influences that were already here, and I reinforced their position. I also made it clear, right off the bat, that the trolls would be blocked, banned, and stopped in their tracks. And they were. I also continued to bring in more responsible, credible administrators to help run this Wiki. We also formulated rules that would help with the standardization of the material here. Policies are being formulated and laid out. Momentum has turned in the right direction.

I will also give credit to the Gerontology Wiki founder, Keith Cody, for instituting an "award" system.

That said, some who continue to insist on doing things "their way" are clearly not happy.

Well, let me say this: it's a lot easier to be a dissenter, divider, and troublemaker than it is to do the right thing.

But, in the long run, doing the right thing is, by definition, the right thing to do.

So, I would suggest that if there are issues of disagreement, one solution is to discuss the issues and try to find some common ground. Each side can give a little, but one thing that should not be compromised on is a committment to producing factually accurate, objective material regarding the encyclopedia of gerontology.Ryoung122 (talk) 05:25, March 4, 2016 (UTC)

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