All about me

all im willing to share

Random facts

My name is Honour and im 18 years old. When i was 13 i suffered depression problems but just before i hit 14 i found the old people and now i know so much about them and they have helped my depression, five years have gone and im much better.

When i was 12 my parents got a divorce, i was so scared which i think is what lead to such bad depression, my mum had left and my dad was the one who stayed. My Brother Damian stayed by my side and helped me alot.

Im currently in university and am tired every day

General facts

Like i said my name is Honour and my Brothers name is Damian [he is 1 year older than me]. My mum is called Caroline and my dads name is Samuel. I have had 2 pets during my life. Peg was a Russian dwarf Hamster who everyone loved but sadly died aged 13 months. I then got a Small Black cat called thunder he still lives at my brothers house aged 6.

I was born on the 2 October 1999 and i was a month early. I am of course a girl and im still trying to find the right boy for me but no luck yet, plus the supercentenarians is all i need.

If you wanna be friends

I need more friends! Please talk on my talks page to become friends

I consider myself kind and friendly and im always happy to talk.

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