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Lincolngold1875 Lincolngold1875 27 January 2020

longevity essay

Longevity is the study of aging and the surrounding factors. Exercise a contributing

factor. Pro. Steven Blaire believes that swimmers have a lower death rate than not

swimmers. Swimming is good aerobic exercise but I do not think has anything to with

how long a person lives.Dr. Lee says that swimming is a weight bearing exercise for

arthritis sufferers. Walking and and running is good cardio exercise for younger

people. The eldery cannot do as much running as their bones and muscles are much

weaker. A 90 year old skeleton is much weaker then a 27 year old skeleton. Diet is

another big factor to how people live. People who eat fresh food are typically

healthier then those who only eat processed foods. Fresh food is usually grown from the

ground an…

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