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The following is a list of the last veterans of the American Civil War (12 April 1861 – 9 May 1865)

Country served Name Born Died Notes
Confederate States of America Walter Williams 14 November 1854 19 December 1959 (105, claimed 117) Claimed birth in 1842; did not claim combat veteran status
Confederate States of America John B. Salling 15 May 1856 16 March 1959 (102) Inconsistently claimed various birth years; did not claim combat veteran status
United States of America Albert Woolson 11 February 1850 2 August 1956 (106) Claimed birth in 1847; drummer boy
Confederate States of America Thomas Evans Riddle 16 April 1846 2 April 1954 (107) Documents are wildly inconsistent on birthdate and parentage, but his name is listed in the regiment he said he was in.
Confederate States of America William Albert Kiney 10 February 1846 23 June 1953 (107) Claimed to be three years older; age here per census records
United States of America James Hard 15 July 1843 12 March 1953 (109) Last verified Union combat veteran; claimed to be two years older
Confederate States of America William Daniel Townsend 12 April 1845 22 February 1953 (107) /
Confederate States of America William Bush 10 July 1850 11 November 1952 (102) Claimed to be five years older
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