Ursula Krigger
Ursula Krigger
"Aunt Sula" on her 111th birthday
Birth: 22 April 1902
Estate Neltjeberg, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies
Death: 10 September 2015
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Age: 113 years, 141 days
Country: United States Virgin IslandsVIR,United StatesUSA

Ursula "Aunt Sula" Krigger (née Millin; 22 April 1902 – 10 September 2015) was a supercentenarian from the United States Virgin Islands and is currently pending by the GRG.


Ursula Nathalia Magdalane Millin was born in Estate Neltjeberg, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies (now United States Virgin Islands) on 22 April 1902. Her parents were Magdalane Nathalia Moolenaar and Edgar Millin. She was the second of eight children - all of whom she has outlived. Her last surviving sibling, Una Davis, died a few months before Ursula's 111th birthday. She was baptized in The Cathedral Church of All Saints Episcopal Church, St. Thomas on 14 May 1902. When she was 12, Ursula was stricken with typhoid fever and almost died. Thanks to the care provided by her family and doctor, Knud Hansen, she recovered after a monthlong illness. She said Hansen was very proud about that and always remembered her: "He would tell all the other doctors about how he saved my life," she said. Ursula began teaching young children when she was only 15 years old. She became a Moravian after becoming a teacher at the Moravian school when she was 17. She was an educator by profession, starting her first teaching job at Bonne Resolution School on St. Thomas’ North Side. In her old years, she clearly remembers the 1917 transfer of the territory from Denmark to the United States.

She was a teacher until she was married in 1934 to the late Laurence Krigger. She retired from teaching to raise her two sons, Alaric Krigger and Ashton Krigger.

Ursula Krigger died in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, on 10 September 2015 at the age of 113 years, 141 days.


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