Ulla Asikainen
Ulla Asikainen
Birth: 10 February 1797
Rantasalmi, Finland
Death: 17 February 1911
Makkola, Kerimäki, Finland
Age: 114 years, 7 days
Country: FinlandFIN

Ulla (Ulrika) Asikainen (10 February 1797?/1810 – 17 February 1911) was a Finnish supercentenarian claimant who claimed to be the oldest person ever at the time of her death.

Asikainen claimed to have been born on 10 February 1797 in the Russian Empire (now Finland). She was the oldest living person in Finland during the census of 1900 and 1910. However, research has shown that she was most probably born on 10 February 1810, which means her final age was 101 years, 7 days at the time of her death.


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