Suliman Al-Mul
Suliman Al-Mul
Birth: 1898?
Death: 18 January 2021
Heker Hanin, Akkar, Lebanon
Age: 123 years, 18+ days?
Country: LebanonLBN
Longevity claimant

Suliman Al-Mul (1893/1898? - 18 January 2021) was a Lebanese longevity claimant.


Very little is known about him other than his claim to longevity is "magic tea" with which he puts carob, thyme, quinoa, and anise in it. He lived in Heker Hanin in north Lebanon's Akkar district.

He was reported to be alive on 3 June 2018 when an article of him claimed that he was born in 1893 which made him 125 years old then. Suliman Al-Mul passed away 18 January 2021 at the claimed age of 123 (which implied that he was born in 1898).

Age issues

His birth year cannot be validated as another article surfacing him, albeit his name spelled "Sleiman Al-Mal", claimed he was born in 1898, which probably made him 120 years old. When he died, he was cited as 123, which implied that he was born in 1898.


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