Sue Blanton
Sue Blanton
Birth: 3 February 1870
Gurdon, Arkansas, USA
Death: 14 April 1981
Gurdon, Arkansas, USA
Age: 111 years, 70 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Susan "Sue" Rebecca Blanton (née Clark; 3 February 1870 – 14 April 1981) was an American woman notable for her long life.


Sue Clark was born near Gurdon, Arkansas on 3 February 1870 as the daughter of William and Barbara Peters Clark. She married Jeff Davis Blanton in Nevada, Arkansas on 1 September 1892 and had six children with him.

One of her sisters, Julia Marsh (10 November 1871 – 24 November 1978) lived to be 107.

Sue Blanton died in Gurdon, Arkansas on 14 April 1981 (15 April according to FamilySearch page), aged 111 years, 70 days.


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