Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright at the age of 106 (claimed 117).
Birth: 17 June 1912
Age: 108 years, 167 days
Country: JamaicaJAM

Stephen Wright (born 17 June 1912) is a Jamaican centenarian who claims to be the oldest man as well as person living in Jamaica and also the oldest person in the world.


Stephen Wright was born in Jamaica on 17 June 1912 but claimed a birthdate of 24 August 1901. His mother allegedly lived to the age of 105 and his grandmother allegedly lived to the age of 111. He was married to a woman named Alvira Wright who died in 1993.

Stephen wright currently lives in Jamaica at the age of 108 years, 167 days but claims to be the age of 119 years, 99 days.


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