Stefan Thorleifsson
Stefan Thorleifsson
Stefan Thorleifsson with his first great-grandchild Eyleif Odda Björnsson.
Birth: 18 August 1916
Neskaupstadur, Iceland
Death: 14 March 2021
Neskaupstadur, Iceland
Age: 104 years, 208 days
Country: Iceland ISL

Stefan Thorleifsson [Icelandic: Stefán Þorleifsson] (18 August 1916 – 14 March 2021) was an Icelandic centenarian who was the oldest living man in Iceland since the death of Larus Sigfusson on 13 May 2020 until his death. He also was the oldest golfer in Iceland.


Stefan Thorleifsson was born in Neskaupstadur, Iceland on 18 August 1916, the fourth of 13-15 children of Thorleif Asmundsson and Maria Aradottir. As of August 2020 four of his siblings were alive, the oldest being 95 years old.

He graduated as a sports teacher from Laugavatn in 1940 and immediately after graduating began to train and teach sports in his hometown. He married Gudrun Sigurjonsdottir in 1945 and they had 4 children. He was widowed in 2013.

He had been playing golf since 1965, when the Nordfjordur Golf Club was founded. He was vice chairman of the building committee of Fjordungssjukrahusinn in Neskaupstadur and then its director for 30 years. Thorleifsson received numerous awards for his work in sports and social affairs and was, among other things, honored with the falcon word in 1983.

Shortly after New Year 2021 at age 104, Thorleifsson received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Stefan Thorleifsson died in Neskaupstadur, Iceland on 14 March 2021 at the age of 104 years, 208 days.


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