Slava Ivancevic (10 July 1894? or 1908 — 24 September 2013) was a Bosnian-Serbian longevity claimant, claimed to have been aged 119 years, 106 days at her death, which if true could have made her the world's oldest person and second oldest person ever after Jeanne Calment.

Those claiming that she was born in 1894 did not send sufficient documentation to the Guinness World Records to prove her age before she died. There were also claims that she was not born in 1894, but in 1908.


Ivancevic claimed she was born in Bihać in today's Bosnia and Herzegovina on 10 July 1894. However, her former neighbour stated that she was born in Lika, present-day Croatia in 1908 or 1909. After Bosnian War she and her family moved to the urban Belgrade neighborhood of Karaburma. Serbia first heard of her in 2011. She had one son and one daughter. Her son died in 2011, and she then lived with her daughter and granddaughter. She died in hospital in Belgrade on 24 September 2013.

Ivančević has said that brandies and mints are the reasons why she has lived so long.

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