Shizuko Oyama
Birth: 8 December 1893
Taketomi, Okinawa, Japan
Death: 14 May 2005
Uechi, Okinawa, Japan
Age: 111 years, 157 days
Country: JapanJPN

Shizuko Oyama (8 December 1893 – 14 May 2005) was the second-oldest living person in Japan at the time of her death, aged 111 years, 157 days.


Oyama was born in Taketomi, Okinawa, Japan, on 8 December 1893. He was the third out of seven siblings, all but one of whom lived until at least 70. At the age of 19, Oyama married, and would later give birth to nine children, three of whom were still alive when she became a centenarian, two of whom died young, and four of whom died in their 20s.

Oyama helped her husband raise hogs and farm sugarcane and vegetables until she was 80, and weaved until she was 85. At the age of 89, she was widowed; the following year, she moved to Uechi to live with her oldest son's family. She liked pork, raw sugar, rice cakes, jasmine tea and raw fish, and disliked nitsuke (an Okinawan dish of simmered vegetables and meat), and often exercised by walking on her house's rooftop.

When asked about her longevity, she said, "I don't know how long I can live since God decides that." When asked about whether she enjoyed living long, she said, "I don't know a good answer, but I should say I am glad."

Oyama died in Uechi, Okinawa, Japan, on 14 May 2005 at the age of 111 years, 157 days.


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