Shigeyo Nakachi
Shigeyo Nakachi 115
Shigeyo Nakachi on her 115th birthday
Birth: 1 February 1905
Saga Prefecture, Japan
Age: 115 years, 19 days
Country: JAP FlagJPN

Shigeyo Nakachi [Japanese: 中地シゲヨ] (born 1 February 1905) is a Japanese supercentenarian whose age is validated by the Gerontology Research Group.


Shigeyo Nakachi was born on 1 February 1905 in Saga, Japan as the second of five siblings. She was an elementary school teacher for 30 years, before then becoming a kindergarten teacher, eventually retiring at the age of 62.

Nakachi fractured her femur twice in her 90's, but still lived independently until age 103. At age 108, she could walk unassisted. In December 2018, she recovered from a bout of aspiration pneumonia that left her bedridden and requiring a breathing tube for many days.

Nakachi enjoys hand-dancing and interacting with the people around her. At the age of 115, she is quite active still, despite being almost completely deaf.

Nakachi currently lives in Saga City, Saga Prefecture. She has been the oldest living person in Saga Prefecture since the death of 112-year old Nugi Ikeda on 8 June 2016. Following the death of Shin Matsushita on 27 August 2019, she became the second-oldest living person in Japan, behind Kane Tanaka.



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