Sebastiana De Lourdes Silva
Sebastiana De Lourdes Silva
Birth: 3 May 1895?
Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Death: 1 April 2012
Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Age: 116 years, 334 days?
Country: BrazilBRA
Longevity claimant

Sebastiana De Lourdes Silva (3 May 1895? – 1 April 2012) was a Brazilian longevity claim. If her claimed age were true, she would be older than the former world's oldest validated people: Kama Chinen, Eugenie Blanchard, Maria Gomes Valentim and Besse Cooper.


Sebastiana De Lourdes Silva claimed to have been born in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 3 May 1895. Her parents were Joaquin Ramiro Correa and Vitarina Silveira da Silva. Allegedly, her parents were slaves. Sebastiana was married but never had children. Allegedly, her husband had never wanted children and that was the reason why they divorced shortly after marriage. She worked as a housekeeper during her lifetime. She suffered a stroke that left her blind and bedridden but she was still clear-headed.

De Lourdes Silva lived in Asilo Nicolino Gulhot, Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she moved around 1987. Before that she lived alone as she didn't had children. She was lucid until the age of 104, and smoked until the age of 110. For the secret of her longevity, she said: pray and enjoy in life every day as God permits. At the claimed age of 116, she was not afflicted by any disease and didn't take any medications at the time. The director of her nursing home, Teresinha Degmar Honorio, stated that she loved to dance before a stroke. He said that she came to live here on her own. She lived alone, had no kids, and then she came to the retirement home and asked to stay. He added that she had a clear mind, was active, happy and always helped to take care of the other seniors in the nursing home. She allegedly had records to prove she was the world's oldest person, though nothing had been submitted to the Guinness World Records at the time of her passing.

Sebastiana De Lourdes Silva died in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 1 April 2012 at the claimed age of 116 years, 334 days.



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