Sara Van Grondelle-Blom
Sara van Grondelle-Blom
Birth: 6 December 1892
Zeist, Utrecht, Netherlands
Death: 4 May 2003
Zeist, Utrecht, Netherlands
Age: 110 years, 149 days
Country: NetherlandsNED

Sara van Grondelle-Blom (6 December 1892 - 4 May 2003) was a Dutch supercentenarian whose age is officialy validated.


Sara van Grondelle-Blom was born in Zeist in the province of Utrecht, Netherlands, on 6 December 1892 to parents Cornelis Blom and Hendrikke Schoonderbeek. She married Marinus van Grondelle (1888-1976) on 28 March 1918, when she was 25 years old, with whom she would have one son: Cornelis Willem van Grondelle (1921-1981).

After the death of her husband, Mrs. van Grondelle-Blom lived on her own on the Choisyweg between 1976 and 1995, when she became a victim of a burglary: two boys broke into her house and robbed her bracelet. She wasn't able to call the police, because the two boys cut her phone wire. After she told them that there wasn't anything to take, they eventually left. After that, she made herself a cup of tea and went to bed again.

Later, she broke her wrist and eventually moved to retirement home Amandelhof. During her 110th birthday, it was mentioned that at the time, she was the thrid oldest living person in The Netherlands, behind Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper and Jan Pieter Bos.

Sara van Grondelle-Blom passed away in Zeist, Utrecht, Netherlands, on 4 May 2003, at the age of 110 years, 149 days. She remaines the oldest person ever from Utrecht.


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