Sam Martinez
Sam Martinez
Sam Martinez (on the right) with Sir Godfrey Palmer.
Birth: 18 February 1910
British Honduras (present-day Belize)
Death: 24 August 2016
Wester Hailes, Scotland, UK
Age: 106 years, 188 days
Country: BelizeBLZUnited Kingdom UK

Sam Martinez (18 February 1910 – 24 August 2016) was a Belizean-born British centenarian.


Sam Martinez was born in British Honduras, current Belize on 18 February 1910. He came to Scotland in 1941 to help with the war effort as a lumberjack. Later he moved to Edinburgh where he worked as a cook and made lunch for Harold Macmillan when he visited the hostels. He cooked kippers, vegetables and custards, and was congratulated by Macmillan on having made the best lunch he had ever tasted[1]. He was involved with several community organisations over the years including the Dove Centre and sitting on Prospect Community Housing’s management committee for 17 years, only coming off when he turned 100.

Sam Martinez died in Wester Hailes, Scotland on 24 August 2016 at the age of 106 years, 188 days[2]. He was the oldest Hibernian FC supporter and was supporting cup over 70 years. Sam Martinez is currently oldest known man from Belize.


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