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Rozalia Smyrak
Rozalia Smyrak
Rozalia Smyrak on her claimed 112th birthday.
Birth: 16 July 1906?
Marinka, Russian Empire (now Ukraine)
Death: 11 March 2018
Kostrzyn nad Odra, Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland
Age: 111 years, 238 days?
Country: UkraineUKRPolandPOL

Rozalia Smyrak (16 July 1906? – 11 March 2018) was a Ukrainian-Polish supercentenarian claimant whose age is unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Rozalia Smyrak claimed to have been born in Marinka, Russian Empire (now Ukraine) on 16 July 1906. She married and had no children. She worked on a farm for many years.

At age 96, she was still riding a bicycle. She lived in Chwalowice, Lubusz Voivodeship until 13 July 2010, when she moved to a nursing home in Kostrzyn nad Odr, Lubusz Voivodeship.

Rozalia Smyrak died in Kostrzyn nad Odra, Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland on 11 March 2018 at the claimed age of 111 years, 238 days.