Rosa Teixeira Lima
Rosa Teixeira Lima
Birth: 6 January 1895
Paraná, Brazil
Death: 25 March 2007
Paraná, Brazil
Age: 112 years, 78 days
Country: BrazilBRA

Rosa Teixeira de Lima (6 January 1895 – 25 March 2007) was a Brazilian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Teixeira Lima claimed to have been born in Quitandinha, metropolitan region of Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, on 6 January 1895. In her final years, she lived in Vila Independencia II, Pinheirinho, Parana.

Teixeira Lima passed away in Pinheirinho, Parana, Brazil, on 25 March 2007 at the claimed age of 112 years, 78 days. At the time of death, she had 7 living children, 38 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, 3 great-great-grandchildren.


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