Rosa Rein
Birth: 24 March 1897
Dzietzkowitz, German Empire (now Myslowice, Poland)
Death: 14 February 2010
Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
Age: 112 years, 327 days
Country: POL FlagPOLSUI FlagSUI
Rosa Rein (24 March 1897 – 14 February 2010) was a Polish-Swiss supercentenarian. Rein had been the oldest living person in Switzerland since 3 September 2006, following the death of 110-year-old Anna Ringier-Kieser. Since 20 June 2008 she has held the record for being the oldest Swiss ever, still holding this record today.


Rosa Rein was born in a prosperous Jewish family in Dzietzkowitz in the eastern part of the German Empire. Presently, the place of her birth is Dziećkowice, a distict of Mysłowice, Silesia Voivodeship, Poland.

Rein was married in 1935. She and her first husband, a German, emigrated to Brazil in 1938 as life for Jews became impossible in Nazi-ruled Germany. Rein’s husband died not long after they arrived in Brazil, and she remarried in 1949. She and her second husband moved to Paradiso on the outskirts of Lugano in 1964 for health reasons. She remarried for a second time in 1973.

Rein had no children and her mother died in a German concentration camp.

Later life and death

Rein was in good health. In 2001, at the age of 104, she moved to a nursing home in Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland. Rein died there on 14 February 2010 at the age of 112 years, 327 days. At the time of her death, she was the 14th-oldest living person and 4th-oldest living European.


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