Rosa Candida de Amorim
Rosa Candida de Amorim
Birth: 7 September 1904
Death: 30 August 2017
Age: 112 years, 357 days
Country: BrazilBRA

Rosa Candida de Amorim   (7 Sept 1904 - 30 Aug 2017) was a Brazilian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the GRG.


Rosa Candida de Amorim was born in Lamarão, Bahia, Brazil, on September 7, 1904, She came to Alagoinhas at the age of seven. She married Antonio Lino de Amorim in Bico, on February 25, 1924. The couple had 4 children, already deceased, among them Haydée Amorim, teacher and lawyer who was a notable person in the city history.

Widowed since July 28, 1988, she was the matriarch of one of the largest families in the city, including 32 grandchildren, 64 great-grandchildren, 45 great-great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren. In his youth, he was a cigar maker at the Amerino Portugal factory and the most qualified baker.

Rosa Amorim has always been a restless and willing woman, a constant presence in social and religious events. Now more accommodated, she enjoyed the well-deserved privilege of receiving religious celebrations at home, thanks to the care of the members of the Parish of Santo Antonio, with the right to concelebrated Mass by Bishop Paulo Romeu and Emeritus Dom Jaime Mota de Farias, at his granddaughter's house. Lucia, with whom she resided. With the experience of its 112 years, he was related to the most important political personalities of the city such as Tonico Martins, Mario Cravo, Saturnino Ribeiro, Pedro Dorea, Jairo Maia, Murilo Cavalcante, Antonio Carneiro, Miguel Fontes, José Azi (his Lamarão), Chico Reis, João F POOL, Joseildo Ramos, Paulo Cezar and Judelio Carmo, whose campaigns he was keen to participate.

In full enjoyment of lucidity, he liked books, especially religious, watched television moderately, still cheered for his Bahia, did not dispense the daily consumption of a good wine and was a "good mouth" for boiled egg with farofa, feijoada and other foods. robust and healthy. Although with very rare health problems, he did not dispense the care of doctor Linaldo Rabelo, an ever-present friend.

Happy, happy and always well with life, Rosa Amorim still found time to philosophize, being the author of verses, such as: “Why buy so much clothes, if we have only one body? We were born naked, we are dressed and that's how we came. ”

As for material goods, he had no concern about saving and even tipped, yes. According to her, "when we die we don't take anything because the coffin has no drawer."

Rosa Amorim died nine days before her 113th birthday.


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