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Ramjit Raghav
Ramjit Raghav
Ramjit Raghav at age 97 with wife and 2 children.
Birth: 1916?
Death: 11 February 2020
Kharkhoda, Haryana, India
Age: 104 years?
Country: IndiaIND

Ramjit Raghav (1916? – 11 February 2020) was an Indian wrestler and farmer who was claimed by various media outlets as the world's oldest father.


Ramjit Raghav was born in India in 1916. In his younger days, he worked as a professional wrestler. Later he switched to farming. Raghav was a strict vegetarian, living predominantly on milk, almonds, and butter, and credits vegetarianism for his longevity and clean bill of health. He was quoted by The Telegraph as saying, In 2010, at the supposed age of 94, Raghav claimed to have become the world's oldest father when his wife, then aged 59, gave birth to a son, whom the couple named Bikramjeet. In November 2012, PETA selected Raghav to be one of its international ambassadors. He was featured in a PETA awareness-raising advertisement with the slogan "Vegetarians Still Got It at the Age of 96." In 2012, when Raghav claimed to have been 96, his spouse gave birth to another son, named Ranjeet. Raghav stated that the couple would not have a third child, as they were experiencing financial troubles. He also announced that his wife would be undergoing tubal ligation to avoid the possibility of an accidental pregnancy. Raghav died in a fire at his home in February 2020 at the age of 104.


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