Oscar Joseph
Oscar Joseph
Oscar Joseph at age 105.
Birth: 2 September 1915
Roseau, Dominica
Age: 105 years, 287 days
Country: DominicaDMA

Oscar Joseph (born 2 September 1915) is a Dominican centenarian.


Oscar Joseph nicknamed "Popeye" was born in Roseau, Dominica on 2 September 1915. He never knew his father and grew up with his mother and two siblings in a "bootsham" house. He attended the Roseau Boys School and then moved on to the Roseau Mixed School. Joseph, who has been driving for over 75 years, received his license in January 1938 and his first driving job was as an employee of Hugh Grell, the father of Dr. Gerald Grell.

Later he migrated to Antigua where he spent the next 13 years of his life and met his wife Daphne Dover who died in 2001. Upon his return to Dominica, Joseph became a sailor and travelled around the world. Later he saw someone selling ice cream in a van on a wharf in south Wales and started selling ice cream for 50 years in his signature Popeye's truck. Although he was not the first Dominican to make ice cream, he was the first to sell ice cream from a truck.

Oscar Joseph currently lives in Goodwill, Dominica. He celebrated his 105th birthday in 2 September 2020. He has 13 children. Oscar Joseph is currently oldest known man from Dominica.


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