Ona Baceviciene
Ona Baceviciene
Birth: 10 January 1904
Russian Empire (now in present-day Lithuania)
Death: 27 August 2014
Age: 110 years, 229 days
Country: LithuaniaLTU

Ona Baceviciene [Lithuanian:Ona Bacevičienė] (10 January 1904 – 27 August 2014) was an unvalidated Lithuanian supercentenarian.

Ona Baceviciene was born in the Vilkaviškis district in the Russian Empire (present-day Lithuania), on 10 January 1904. As a young child, she lived with her parents in Kaunas. During World War I she suffered from hunger and was constantly afraid of loud explosive bombs, one of which destroyed her parents' house. The house in which she lived was built in 1932. Baceviciene had two sons: Antanas and Jonas. At the time of her 110th birthday on 10 January 2014, Antanas was still alive aged 68. She also had six grandchildren and ten grandchildren. On her birthday party, she was visited by Kaunas Mayor Andrius Kupčinskas, Kaunas Ona Club President Businesswoman Ona Balžekienė, Aleksotas elder Liukrecija Navickienė. When asked about the secret of her longevity, Ona Baceviciene mentioned the need to work hard, laugh and constantly ask God for health. No advice was given by a woman on diets or other healthy lifestyle hints. Reportedly, she was still interested in everything that was happening in Lithuania and the world. She could not read because of impaired vision, so she constantly listened to the radio. She passed away on 27 August 2014 at the claimed age of 110 years, 229 days. Her recipe for longevity was "work, smile and prayer".

the construction of the house in which he still lives, in 1932. Surviving World Wars In 1904, Bacevičienė, born , lived in Kaunas with her parents and grew up in childhood. Here the woman had to face the difficulties of two wars.  once. "Once upon a time, getting out of the ruins, we had to run around to find shelter with the whole family whistling with bullets. Such a life made me tired. Maybe that's why I became resistant to all the hardships and lived a long eternity, ”said the grandmother. Four champions and brother O.Bacevičienė, who has survived a brother, has worked hard in a laundry, in a tobacco factory, and has carried milk. A woman who has seen a lot of life has been the happiest day in the family so far. She claimed that earlier birthdays and other celebrations had been mentioned more modestly than now. “For many people, they are now missing, so they can celebrate Christmas, Easter, or birthday without worrying about what to put on a dinner table. Previously, everything was different. We were struggling to live, so we tried to save money during the holidays, ”said O.Bacevičienė. 
O.Bacevičienė is the second Lithuanian long-lived. The oldest resident of the country is Emilija Krištopaitienė from Šiauliai, who celebrated her 111th birthday last October.


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