Numa Bissat-Sueur
Birth: 10 March 1884
Vaud, Switzerland
Death: 5 December 1992
Vaud, Switzerland
Age: 108 years, 270 days
Country: SwitzerlandSUI

Numa Eugene Bissat-Sueur (10 March 1884 – 5 December 1992) was a Swiss centenarian who is currently the fourth-oldest man ever to die or reside in Switzerland behind Pierre Gremion, Fritz Bosch, and Czech-born Herbert Kreibich.


Numa Bissat was born in Vaud, Switzerland to parents John Henri Bissat and Aline Louise Jaccard (died 1911) on 10 March 1884 (some sources say 1887). He had a sister, Eva (born 1886). He also had three half-siblings: Gaston (1892-1960), Armand (born 1900) and Rose (born 1901), after his father later remarried to Rose Julie Py (1867-1917).

On 8 May 1911, Numa Bissat married Rose Catherine Sueur (born 1887) and fathered two sons: Clement and Francis. He was later widowed. On 27 March 1990, 17 days after his 106th birthday, he became the oldest known man in Switzerland following the death of Oscar Denereaz, also of Vaud. He became the oldest man ever to reside in Vaud after surpassing Denereaz’s age a few weeks later.

Numa Bissat-Sueur died in Vaud, Switzerland on 5 December 1992 at the age of 108 years, 270 days. His successor as Switzerland’s oldest man was Friedrich Gerber (1886-1995) of Bern, who also later lived to be 108. On 20 December 2018, Herbert Kreibich surpassed his age and became the oldest man to die or reside in Vaud.


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