Mzee Stanslaus Sajjabbi Kavuma
Mzee Stanslaus Sajjabbi Kavuma
Birth: 15 August 1907
Bugerere, Uganda
Death: 13 August 2017
Bunamwaya, Wakiso district, Uganda
Age: 109 years, 363 days
Country: UGA FlagUGA

Mzee Stanslaus Sajjabbi Kavuma (15 August 1907 – 13 August 2017) was Ugandan centenarian and a clan leader of the leopard clan in Buganda Kingdom and WW2 veteran.


Mzee Stanslaus Sajjabbi Kavuma was born in Bugerere, Uganda on 15 August 1907. During the Second World War, the Ugandan veteran fought in Burma (now Myanmar) and retired with a military rank of sergeant. In his early years, Sajjabbi was a merchant in cotton and coffee before turning to keycutting along Burton Street in Kampala in the 1970s. From 1972 until 1992, Sajjabbi served as a Sultan Village chairman in Mengo Kisenyi. And from 1986 until 1997, he led the exiled group of Baganda (Bakenyi) who had disappeared in Teso, Busoga, Karamoja and other areas and resettled them in Bugerere on free land that he surrendered. Among his several contributions Sajjabbi also built a palace for the Buganda king at Kayonza, Bugerere.

Mzee Stanslaus Sajjabbi Kavuma died in his son's home in Bunamwaya, Wakiso district, Uganda on 13 August 2017, two days before his 110th birthday.[1] Shortly before his death, he was serving as the treasurer of Uganda Ex-servicemen Association. He was survived by 29 children, 83 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren. Sajjabbi was the father to fallen renowned evangelist John Deogratius Balabyeko who died in a road accident. His son Bishop Grivus Musisi is the senior pastor at Prayer Palace, Kibuye and among his grandsons is Ugandan rapper Babaluku, born Silas Babaluku Balabyekkubo.


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