Mujahid Abdul Razzaq Jalgaf (1907? - 27 February 2018) was a Libyan supercentenarian claimant.


Mujahid Abdul Razzaq Jalgaf claimed that he was born in al-Bayda, Eastern Libya on 1907. He said that he comes from a family with close historical ties to the Senussi family, from which former King Idris Al-Senussi of the country was born. He participated in opposing the Italian occupation of Libya alongside Omar Al-Mukhtar when he was at his best, before the execution of the 'Desert Lion' in 1931. Mujahid Abdul Razzaq Jalgaf passed away 27 February 2018 in al-Bayda, Eastern Libya at the claimed age of 111 years and 58+ days[1]. If his age is true, he could have been oldest known man ever from Libya.


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