Muhammad al-Muqri
Muhammad al-Muqri
Birth: 1844
Death: 9 September 1957
Age: 112 years, 253+ days
Country: MoroccoMAR

Muhammad al-Muqri (February 1851? (sources give birth years ranging from 1841 to 1854) - 9 September 1957) was a Moroccan politician who claimed to be 112 or 116 years old. His full date of birth is unknown. He claimed to be the oldest person ever from Morocco.

The Britannica Book of the Year dates his birth to February of 1841 (however, it erroneously states he died a week later than he actually did). The majority of sources state he was born in 1851, including those who met him in person. Thus, based on the fact most sources date his birth to that year, it is most likely to be correct, and his age at death was 106 years, 201-228 days.


In 1912, France placed al-Muqri, then around 70, in the position of grand vizier, thereby making him leader of Morocco. He held this position for 44 years, being ousted from office in 1956.


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