Maude Varnum
Birth: 19 December 1883
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Death: 21 December 1993
Belknapp, New Hampshire, USA
Age: 110 years, 2 days
Country: United StatesUSA

Maude Varnum (19 December 1883 – 21 December 1993) was a verified American supercentenarian who was one of (or the) oldest person living in New Hampshire when she died.


Maude L. Varnum was born on 19 December 1883 to George and Jennie Varnum in Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. In her youth she lived in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She never married nor had children.

Maude Varnum died in New Hampshire, United States on 21 December 1993 aged 110 years, 2 days, making her one of the youngest supercentenarians. Her case was originally verified by the Kestenbaum Study, and, in 2015, a rechecking of her case proved the age claimed was accurate.


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