Mathias Nicolaus Hansen Saether (21 Oct 1848 - 7 Jan 1957) was a Norwegian centenarian, who at the time of his death was the oldest Norwegian ever.


Mathias Hansen Saether was born in Sæter, Østre Toten, Oppland County, Norway on 21 October 1848. He became the oldest living person in Norway upon the death of Karen Thorsen on 17 August 1954.

Mathias Hansen Saether died on 7 Jan 1957 in the Horten, Oestlandet region of Norway, at the age of 108 years and 78 days. Following his death 106 year-old Vilhelmine Olsen became the oldest person in Norway, then Europe’s oldest person became Jan Kip. At the time of his death he was the 9th oldest man ever.


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