Martha Peck
Martha Peck

Martha Peck (née Butler; 14 May 1882 – 31 March 1994) was an American supercentenarian who is currently pending. She was born and died in Wisconsin, USA.


Martha Peck was born Martha Jane Butler on 14 May 1882 to parents Ephraim and Elizabeth (née White) Butler. She attended Modena Grade School, Mondovi High School, and then Alma High School. She graduated at the age of 16. After graduating, Martha Peck moved to Minneapolis and worked as a third grade music teacher.

That job was the beginning of a very long profession in teaching and music. She began studying voice and piano, was a soloist in church choirs, and taught and directed at Pillsbury Academy. She then sang professionally at the Lyric Theatre. She was a soloist with the Men's University Glee Club during their Chautauqua tours throughout Minnesota from 1912-1914, and also soloed at the Parkway Theatre in Chicago. Soon after, Martha studied with Oscar Saenger and was offered a contract with Aborne Opera Company. However, instead of continuing her professional singing career, she declined the offer and returned to Wisconsin, where she met her future husband, Dr. Guy Stanley Peck.

On 9 May 1914, Martha and Dr. Peck were married in Pilgrim Congregational Church in Durand, Wisconsin. Shortly after that, Martha began her locally famous career in choir and piano. While her husband Dr. Peck sadly passed away on 1 December 1930, Martha continued to demonstrate how great music can be to people young and old. She sang at weddings, funerals, and public functions. She directed choirs at both the Congregational and Methodist Churches. Martha also gave piano and voice lessons, sometimes for free, until she was 102 years old.

For all of her great contributions, Martha Peck was awarded several awards and a great deal of recognition from people everywhere, including then-President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Clinton, Governor Tommy Thompson, and State Representative Rob Kreibech. Despite all of that attention, Martha didn't see why she was so important. That modesty showed through when someone asked her what the secret to her long life was. Her reply was "Lots of oxygen from singing, being outside, eating vegetables, and garlic". [1]

Martha Peck died on 31 March 1994 aged 111 years, 321 days. She was one of the oldest people in Wisconsin at the time of her death.


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