Marie-Louise L'Huillier
Marie-Louise L'Huillier
Birth: 26 June 1895
New Caledonia
Death: 28 December 2007
New Caledonia
Age: 112 years, 185 days
Country: New Caledonia (France)NCL,FranceFRA

Marie-Louise Catherine L'Huillier (also spelled Lhuillier) (26 June 1895 – 28 December 2007) was a verified New Caledonian supercentenarian. She was the 14th-oldest in the world when she died aged 112 years, 185 days in addition to being the oldest ever person to have lived in New Caledonia.


Marie-Louise L'Huillier was born in Nouméa, New Caledonia on 26 June 1895. She was a French teacher, and later as a bank clerk. She never married and never had children.


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