Marie-Alexina Madacene
Marie-Alexina Madacene
Madacene on her 109th birthday in 2021.
Birth: 8 May 1912
Saint-Paul, Reunion
Age: 109 years, 36 days
Country: Réunion (France)REU, FRA

Marie-Alexina Madacene [French: Madacène] (née Dorval; born 8 May 1912) is a Reunionese centenarian who is the oldest known living person in Reunion.


Marie-Alexina Madacene was born on 8 May 1912 in La Saline-les-Hauts, a neighbourhood of Saint-Paul, Reunion. She spent all her life in the commune of Saint-Paul.

In October 2018, at the age of 106, Madacene was honoured during the blue week by Saint-Paul's commune, as the 13 others centenarians of the commune.

Madacene currently lives in Saint-Paul, Reunion, at the age of 109 years, 36 days.



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