Maria de Jaeger
Maria de Jaeger
Birth: 15 January 1901
East Flanders, Belgium
Death: 30 April 2011
East Flanders, Belgium
Age: 110 years, 105 days
Country: BelgiumBEL

Maria de Jaeger, known as "Sister Clementia" (15 January 1901 – 30 April 2011) was a validated Belgian supercentenarian.


Sister Clementia was born in De Pinte, East Flanders, Belgium on 15 January 1901 as Maria De Jaeger. Her mother died when Maria was two years old and therefore her aunt Clemence took care of her. Maria's later monastic name "Clementia" was a tribute to the aunt. In 1921, Maria entered the monastery and went to study for a teacher. Most of her job career she stayed in Landegem. When the monastery was closed in 1995, she moved to St. Joseph's retirement home in Sint-Pauwels.

At 110, she was still in a relatively good shape, except her eyesight was very poor.

De Jaeger passed away in Sint-Pauwels, Belgium on 30 April 2011 at the age of 110 years, 105 days.


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