Maria Vikentyevna Kononovich
Maria Vikentyevna Kononovich
Kononovich at the claimed age of 116.
Birth: 27 May 1904?
Age: 116 years, 245 days?
Country: BelarusBLR
Longevity claimant

Maria Vikentyevna Kononovich (born 27 May 1904?) is a Belarusian longevity claimant.


Maria Vikentyevna Kononovich claims to have been born in Belarus on 27 May 1904. She had 7 brothers and sisters but 2 died young. She had at least 2 sons. One died 91 years ago and the other in 2012. Her husband died 32 years ago in 1988.

As of April 2019, she was still in good health and able to walk unassisted. She says that she can remember the Bolsheviks walking along the streets of her town when she was younger.

Maria Vikentyevna Kononovich currently lives in Belarus at the claimed age of 116 years, 245 days.

Age Issues

Neither GWR nor GRG have been able to verify her age. If her claimed age were true she would be the third-oldest living person in the world. She would also be the oldest person ever from Belarus.



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