Maria Seferina-Leito
Maria Seferina-Leito
Maria Seferina-Leito on her 107th birthday with the Antillean Prime Minister Emily de Jongh-Elhage and Curaçao’s Commissioner in charge of Social Affairs Humphrey Davelaar.
Birth: 27 April 1903
Barber, Curacao
Death: fl. 27 April 2010
Grote Berg, West Point, Curacao
Age: 107 years, 0 days+
Country: CuraçaoCUW,NetherlandsNED

Maria Seferina-Leito also known as Ma Suku (27 April 1903 – fl. 27 April 2010) was a centenarian from Curacao.


Maria Seferina-Leito was born in Barber, Curacao on 27 April 1903. She was last reported to be alive on her 107th birthday on 27 April 2010 when she lived in “Kas di Ansiano Uni” home for the elderly at Grote Berg, West Point, Curacao.[1] Maria Seferina-Leito is currently oldest known woman ever born in Curacao and second oldest woman ever from Curacao after Aruban-born Maria Samson-Leer who died in Curacao at the age of 109 in December 2015.


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