Maria Samson-Leer
Maria Samson-Leer
Birth: 1 February 1906
Death: 22 December 2015
Age: 109 years, 324 days
Country: ArubaARU,NetherlandsNEDCuraçaoCUW,NetherlandsNED

Maria Samson-Leer (1 February 1906 – 22 December 2015) was a centenarian from Curacao and, at the age of 109 years, 324 days, may have been the oldest person ever from Curacao. She was born in Aruba on 1 February 1906, and on her 109th birthday, relatives came over from Aruba and Bonaire to celebrate. Two of her children, Luti and Rene, are famous singers. She passed away in Willemstad, Curacao on 22 December 2015. Maria Samson-Leer is currently oldest known Aruban-born woman ever.


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