Maria Kolomnikova
Maria Kolomnikova
Kolomnikova at the claimed age of 110
Birth: 28 January 1909?
Tambov Oblast, Russian Empire (present-day Russia)
Age: 112 years, 180 days?
Country: RussiaRUS

Maria Ivanovna Kolomnikova (Russian: Мария Ивановна Коломникова; born 28 January 1909?) is a Russian supercentenarian whose age is currently unvalidated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).


Kolomnikova claims to have been born in the village of Inokovka 1-Ya, Kirsanovsky District, Tambov Oblast, Russian Empire (present-day Russia), on 28 January 1909. She married Vasiliy Dmitriyevich, who disappeared during the World War II. Her daughter said: I remember how my mother asked fellow villagers who came from the front about her husband, about our father, but really no one saw how he died. And she remained alone with us, never got married again, she apparently loved him very much. They had five children (one son deceased as of 2019). Both she and her husband are the indigenous people of Inokovka 1-Ya village. She worked all her life on her own farm. At the some point of her life, she was awarded with the Medal "Veteran of Labour". Throughout her entire adult life, Kolomnikova lived with her daughter and son-in-law.

On her claimed 110th birthday, she was visited by the head of the Kirsanovsky District, Alexander Ivanovich, and the head of the village council, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Yevstigneyev. At that time, she has already lost much of her memory, so her daughter told the whole story of her life to journalists.

Kolomnikova currently lives in Inokovka, Kirsanovsky District, Tambov Oblast, Russia at the claimed age of 112 years, 180 days. She lives with her daughter, Nina Vasilievna. On her claimed 110th birthday, she had 11 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren.


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