Maria Alta da Conceição
Birth: 8 December 1878
Bahia, Brazil
Death: 8 March 1996
Bahia, Brazil
Age: 117 years, 91 days
Country: BrazilBRA
Longevity claimant

Maria Alta da Conceição (8 December 1878 - 8 March 1996) was a Brazilian applicant for longevity under the title of the oldest living person.


She was known as Maria do Xangô.

Maria died at the alleged age of 117, although her age is not documented. Born in slavery under the Free Belly Law. It began in candomblé at the age of seven; had nine sons, including daughters of saint, like Mother Zeze, daughter of xangô.

Maria de Shango was from the Ketu nation and received a special gift from a special son: Gilberto Gil, who presented her with an African xangô.

In 1981, she was honored during the Candomblé Nations Meeting.


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