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Margarethe Zinndorf
Birth: 17 September 1855
Death: 25 May 1963
Kilianstätten, Hesse, Germany
Age: 107 years, 250 days
Country: GermanyGER

Margarethe Zinndorf (17 September 1855 – 25 May 1963) was a German centenarian.


Margarethe Zinndorf was born in Germany on 17 September 1855. She was recognized as the second-oldest living person in the world between 21 April 1963 and her death in Kilianstätten, Hesse on 25 May 1963 at age 107 years, 250 days. At one point, she was regarded as the oldest person in the world during that time, but on 27 April 2007 it emerged that the 1965 UK Guinness Book had listed Elizabeth Kensley as the world's oldest person, thus superseding Zinndorf. She remains, however, a previous holder of the title of Germany's oldest person.