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Manuel dos Santos
Manuel dos Santos
Birth: 23 December 1905
Lisbon, Portugal
Death: 16 May 2015
Grou, Portugal
Age: 109 years, 144 days
Country: PortugalPOR

Manuel dos Santos (23 December 1905—16 May 2015) was a Portuguese centenarian who was the oldest living person in Portugal since the death of 111-year-old Maria Dolores Ferreira on 31 July 2013, the first Portugese male in 4 years to hold this record, until his death on 16 May 2015.


He was born on 23 December 1905 in the Asseiceira district of Lisbon. He lived alone in his house in the village of Grou. He had two children, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. He neither drank nor smoked, and didn't take any medications. He had poor vision and hearing and usually talked in simple words. He would wake up early, eat his breakfast and will go back to his bed to sleep some more. He would also dress himself up and shave with help. He also had a company of cats that visit his backyard and everyday went out to feed them.

Manual dos Santos died on 16 May 2015 aged 109 years, 144 days. His successor as Portugal's oldest person was Silvina Garcez, born 12 March 1907.

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