Luis Alfredo Ignacio Muñoz Cortés (4 September 1892? Cachapoal - 18 April 2010 Cachapoal) was a Chilean longevity claimant and diplomat and lawyer.


Luis Munoz Cortes was born on September 4, 1892 in Cachapoal. He began his studies at age 6 in 1898, in the nearby city of Chillán, and then moved to the city of Santiago de Chile, where he would study to become a lawyer at the University of Chile, in 1912. He married on April 9, 1915 with Herminda Flores Ayala, with whom he had 13 children.

On June 18, 1922 he began working in the Chilean government, as ambassador to the neighboring nation of Argentina until September 12, 1924, the day of the coup d'etat. Subsequently, on March 12, 1925 he resumed his activities, but in Spain. Then he becomes Chile's ambassador to Peru, Venezuela, the United States, Canada, Australia, Portugal, France, Italy, Mexico, Austria and New Zealand, until September 11, 1973, when after the coup d'etat he is imprisoned despite of his high age. Due to his activity as a diplomat in different countries, he has had to learn different languages ​​of the world in addition to his own (Spanish), such as Portuguese, English, French, Italian and German. He was also a basic speaker of Russian, Greek and Japanese.

He is released in 1976 and forced into exile in Sweden, where he lived until 1993, when he returns to Chile. In 1998 he moved from the city of Santiago de Chile to his native Cachapoal. On February 27, 2010 Muñoz suffered a heart attack due to the strong earthquake in the country. He was in the hospital until April 18 of the same year, the day he dies due to a new heart attack due to a minor replica, becoming the fourth official victim of Cachapoal to die due to the earthquake and its aftershocks. Luis Munoz Cortes died in the claimed age of 117 years and 226 days.


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