Louis Vatrican
Louis Vatrican
Birth: 7 May 1904
Death: 7 June 2007
Age: 103 years, 31 days
Country: MonacoMCO

Louis Vatrican (7 May 1904 – 7 June 2007) was a Monegasque agronomist and centenarian.


Louis Vatrican was born in Monaco on 7 May 1904. He obtained the diploma of agricultural engineer from the National School of Agronomy of Grignon, October 12, 1926. He married May 5, 1928 in Ambérac (Charente) with Suzanne Magnant, whom he had known in Paris. He went to work in French Sudan (current Mali) where he was employed by the French government in the sheepfold of El Oualadji from August 1928 to July 1930 and in Gao from March 1931 to March 1933. On his return to France in 1934, he moved to a farm in Indre where he became a sharecropper. Passing through Monaco where he thought he would be recruited to go to Madagascar, he was finally recruited to take over the management of the Exotic Garden by the prince who heard of the presence of an agricultural engineer in the city.

Louis Vatrican served as the director of the Jardin Exotique de Monaco from 1933 to 1969[1][2]. He was one of the founding members of the IOS (International Succulent Plant Research Organization) in 1950, and was made an honorary member in 1982. Vatrican added succulents from Africa to the existing South American succulents, some of which died in 1985-86. After he retired in 1969, Vatrican was succeeded by Marcel Kroenlein.

The Vatricania guentherii, a cactus endemic to South America, was named in his honor in 1950 by Curt Backeberg[3]. In the Exotic Garden of Monaco, the Louis Vatrican greenhouse was named in his honor.

Louis Vatrican died in Monaco on 7 June 2007 at the age of 103 years, 31 days.


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